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Aloha and E Komo Mai!

Aloha and welcome to One Breath Photography! All of the underwater pictures within this site are taken free diving--diving while holding one's breath. We believe in photographing wildlife in the simplest, most nonobtrusive way. Doing so makes freedive photography an extremely challenging art at times, but the results are well worth it. To be kept up to date on our adventures, sign up for the newsletter here.

Although we have the ocean as our backyard here in Hawaii, we also travel the world in search of amazing animals and underwater scenes. We've had images hung in the Smithsonian Institute and the Natural History Museum of London and have appeared in countless publications. To see our photography, visit the Galleries link on the left of the page.

We also write a monthly column for Oceanic TimeWarner's To see our articles, please check us out here. Please feel free to have a look!

We also contribute on occasion to Hawaii Skin Diver magazine, one of the finest publications in the entire island chain! HSD is available in most stores in Hawaii.

Most of our latest works can be seen on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to see the latest and greatest as well! Click on the link below!

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